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We both combined our love of all things colourful, exotic, elegant, stylish and old school to create Whitley which started with a visit to Tangiers over two years ago. We discovered that there are wonderful fabrics left over from Tangiers’s shady, mysterious, fascinating, erudite past that were shipped in from all over Europe for the extraordinary clientele of the time, sitting collecting dust in the back of old shops.


Following a long lunch in the clutches of Jonathan Dawson (and his dwarf man-servant – I thought I had died and gone to heaven) Poodle and I stumbled out into the piercing light of a Tangier afternoon and figured shopping was all we were good for. Near the Petit Socco, a tailor was hunched. And, boy, did I fancy a suit. We enquired as to the cost and speed, and all seemed almost too good to be true.
The idea is that our clients have fun ­ from the measuring up experience, to the choosing of the fabric, to the fitting, to the progress, right up to the delivery.
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